1. HERE’S ANOTHER WORLD RECORD TO BREAK, NERDS. At this year’s Burning Man Festival (still not starring Edward Woodward), the world record was finally broken for assembling the most people dressed up as Superman in one place. The new record? Over 200. No specific number? What kind of story is this? Next year maybe they can break the record for having the most people dressed up as English policemen being ritually sacrificed to bring the crops back.

2. CHINA IS FACING A CRISIS, OR MAYBE IT’S THE NEXT PUSH OF THE INVISIBLE HAND? The New York Times has an intriguing article on the changing face of China (I don’t think they use that phrase in the story, but you can bet there’s an op-ed with that title coming along any day now). Everything old is suddenly obsolete, and business leaders are doing different things. It’s a scary time for business! It’s a good time for labour! Anyway, please read the article, which is profoundly confused about what it wants to say.

3. STOP RUNNING ACROSS THE ARCTIC SEA ICE, YOU CRAZY KIDS. Remember when everyone was smirking at “environmentalists” because Arctic sea ice appeared to be more robust than ever, and people were talking about the “hubris” of humans thinking that they could predict/affect the the patterns of nature? Yeah, never mind. Arctic sea ice is set to be the third lowest on record, right behind 2007 and 2008. Somehow the mysteries of Nature continue not to be that mysterious.

4. HOLD ON, MAYBE NATURE IS WEIRD AFTER ALL. Last month, B.C. fishermen were bracing themselves for a record run of over 25 million wild sockeye salmon (and 200+ Supermen) after a record low in 2009. It turns out that this year’s salmon run is beyond even those wild expectations, topping out at around 34 million of those tasty fellows. According to the Pacific Salmon Commission, it’s the largest run since 1914 – when the world was plunged into global war. Think about it.

this is what happens when you google: world war salmon