NOBEL ON THIN CHINESE ICE: Chinese government officials have been warning the Nobel prize committee that an award better not be given to a jailed activist. According to the Guardian UK, the officials have even had the gall to say that it would be against the values of the prize to award it to Liu Xiaobo, in prison for “incitement to subvert state power”. I think this means they kinda have to give him the prize now.

CYBERWARFARE LEVEL UPS: NPR reports on a computer worm that could’ve – or still could – destroy power plants across the world. No one knows where it came from or what its intentions were.The real question here: Which action movie best illustrates the worst case scenario? I’m thinking Live Free or Die Hard.

HEALTH CANADA QUITTING QUITTING?: Health Canada is moving its focus from cigarette packaging to trying to combat contraband tobacco, much to the chagrin of the provinces and anti-smoking advocates. The problem with this is summed up perfectly by a line from the Globe and Mail piece: “But it is unclear why the government cannot pursue tobacco smugglers at the same time it is updating the warning labels.”

AMERICAN BASEBALL CAN’T DRAW OUT THE NUMBERS: Well, some of the teams at least. The New York Times goes into some detail about the plight of the Tampa Bay Rays, a team that’s doing well on the field but can’t draw people into the stands.

BONUS: New DC Comics EIC; Weezy plays Uno and listens to slow jams in prison; Mick “The Hardcore Legend” Foley is officially the best Tori Amos fan alive; Non-believers know their Bibles better; Eat it, everyone who said that downloading would kill the album; and some Texans are still being ridiculous over a high school history textbook.