Just found this lovely note in my in-box, courtesy anonymousfeedback.net:

earth to fucktard – can’t call yourself an arts magazine when you systematically exclude the literary arts. just because good fiction and poetry fly over your head doesn’t mean a very literate city wouldn’t be interested. or aren’t books “hipsterish” enough for you?

Thanks for the letter. A few points:

1.) We have a great interview with Sandra Birdsell in this issue, incidentally the Fall Arts Guide edition.

2.) We just ran a summer reading guide a few issues back.

3.) We have two author features (hopefully interviews) scheduled in the next three issues.

4.) Prairie dog is a business and we can only print as many pages as advertising revenue allows. We aren’t funded by grants or donations and we don’t sell the paper, which is free. Should our advertising revenue increases we would be able to look at expanded book coverage, among other things.

Bottom line: Our four-person staff and a lot of dedicated freelancers and volunteers work very, very hard to cover the arts, including books. We definitely do more than is justified given our revenue. And while we’re happy to accept criticism and suggestions on how to improve our coverage,  we have zero patience for know-nothing, spitball-hurling anonymous cowards with a sense of entitlement who accuse us of not doing things that we’re doing the best possible job on.

Thanks again for the note, and now please enjoy this Lily Allen video in gratitude.