You can vote for your favourite Regina people, places, events, amenities, shops and services until noon Thursday, Sept. 23. This year’s Best Of Regina has lots of new categories and I’m going to profile some of them daily (more or less) until polls close.

Up today is a Best Of Regina double shot: Best Young Activist and Best Veteran Activist.

We always have a Best Of Regina category for the heroes who put down their TV remotes, get off their butts and get out in the community to fight for a better world. How could we not? If we didn’t have people organizing, teaching, protesting, researching and generally fighting against poverty, homelessness, racism, eco-crime and union-busting we’d be boned. Over the years though, our Best Activist winners have tended to be from the older generation of established rabble-rousers. So this year we’re encouraging you to vote for two of these heroes.

The Best Young Activist is someone 29 or younger who’s out there working for a better future. Maybe it’s a university student juggling studies and saving the world. Maybe it’s someone just getting started in a career who uses their spare time to fight stupidity or injustice. Maybe it’s a young artist subverting dominant paradigms of inequity and general villainy. Maybe it’s a single mom fighting for universal day care (thanks, Mr. Harper you ass) or something to benefit parents.

The Best Veteran Activist is a dedicated warrior of righteousness for who the good fight’s a life-long commitment. They balance work, family and saving the world and inspire those around them to keep battling. Booyah!

This is your chance to give a couple of activists and their worthy causes a little recognition. Head over the poll and cast your votes for Regina’s Best Young Activist and Best Veteran Activist!