For the next week and a half I’m blogging about some of the new categories in our 2010 Best Of Regina reader’s poll. This is my clever (annoying) way to bug you to vote in our survey. We want you to vote because if everybody votes, the 2010 Best Of Regina¬† will be meaningful and fun. And that is what everybody wants.

Today’s new category: Best Reason To Get A Divorce.

Why? Why, you ask? Because! Because it’s funny, I say!

Not divorces. Divorces aren’t funny. But it’s fun to talk about relationship crimes because every partner in every couple commits a romantic or domestic misdemeanor or thousand at some point. When is the line crossed, and the aggravation becomes intolerable? When should you punt your partner? Something obvious, like they’re cheating on you? Something fickle, like they don’t put away clean dishes?

Something sad like, you’re just randomly not into your once-adored partner anymore? Something else?

And is there a Regina-specific reason to get divorced? I can’t think of one, but you! Maybe you know!

Best of all, if you and your spouse sit down together and talk about what the best reason to get a divorce is, it will strengthen your relationship. And also it will not lead to any fights about who did or did not put away the clean dishes yesterday. I prrromise.

Best Reason To Get A Divorce! What is it? Let us know!  Vote in the poll!