There’s a little over two weeks to vote in our Best Of Regina readers’ survey, which is lots of time for me to introduce some of our FUN NEW CATEGORIES.

Up today: Best Esthetician!

Estheticians are the skilled beauty professionals who are experts at manicures, pedicures, massages, waxing, make-up, eyebrow shaping, facials (and they’re gonna have to find a new term for that) and other beauty odds and ends. Have you seen The 40 Year Old Virgin? The lady who ripped Steve Carell’s chest hair out was an esthtician. And we all laughed. Ha ha ha!

Why you should vote for Best Esthetician: I started visiting an esthetician a couple of years ago. I wanted to stop eating my nails and cuticles, and figured manicures would help. Long story short: I don’t bite my nails any more. And manicures helped. Hooray!

more importantly, estheticians are swell, friendly people who give you a half-hour or hour break in a day. They put on relaxing music and rub your feet or give you hot stone massages or skin treatments or whatever, and just generally make you feel pretty (or in my case rugged and macho).

Our city would be hairier, pimplier and hangnail-ier without our hero esthetics professionals. They deserve a little recognition. And you can provide that by voting for your favourite¬† esthetician in this year’s Best Of Regina poll!

Do it! Vote for Regina’s Best Esthetician!