The voting period for prairie dog’s Best Of Regina event is drawing to a close — polls shut down Thursday at noon. That means there’s just over 66 hours left to vote for Regina’s best people, places, stuff and whatnot. I’m previewing one Best Of Regina category every day until polls close, whether I have time or not, whether I’m fighting deadlines, even if I’d rather be at the bar, etc. etc.

Up today: Best Clothing Store (Six Categories)

Clothing and prairie dog have a weird relationship. Most alt papers have a small fashion section with a column or two. Not us! We used to have one — Street Wear — which ran for about four years. It was a tough column to do for the writers and photographers: subjects were always bailing, deadlines were always looming and, uh, we pay crap. On top of that, we got the sense that a lot of our readers didn’t like the column. Harsh! So we killed it. Bang dead.

And I was left with the impression that prairie dog readers, a diverse bunch in most respects, were bizarrely unified in some kind of inexplicable disdain of cool-looking clothes.

Well, by gum, it’s time to test the fashion waters again. By asking our readers to vote for their favourite clothing stores in a poll. Motivated? No? Did I mention one voter will win $1000.00 in gift certificates? Ah, there we go. Thank goodness for bribery.

This year’s Best Of Regina has six clothing categories (eight if you count shoes) divided into “Guys” and “Gals” fashions. We’ve got Best Clothing Store : Hip & Trendy, Best Clothing Store: Casual/Everyday and Best Clothing Store : Professional Or Formal. That ought to cover the bases sufficiently for you style-suspicious folks.

I’m positive there are prairie dog readers who like cool clothes. I think you’re just shy about admitting it. Well, votes in the Best Of Regina are mostly secret — the only people who will know that you voted in the clothes categories are our poll administrators. And they would never, ever violate the sacred voter-scrutineer trust.

The fact that you really don‘t look down your nose at style won’t get out. Your fashion-loving secrets are safe with us.

So vote for Best Clothing Store already! I’ve got a bar to get to, here!