Alex Jones is a Glenn Beck-like American radio commentator, Internet broadcaster and self-appointed hero of libertarians everywhere who’ve gone off their meds. But most importantly he’s a bastard who poisons public discussion of a wide range of important topics with off-topic, half-baked conspiracy theories and anti-government propaganda.

Here he is claiming that the U.S. government is using “Estrogen mimickers” to make Americans gay and I guess cause early puberty in girls:

Obviously, this is insane. Funny. But insane.

The reason people listen to Jones, (and they do–I personally know a couple of people who got sucked into this crappola) is that there’s always something resembling truth in hisĀ  rants. He tells people there’s bad shit going on. This is true. There is bad shit going on. But while prairie dog encourages you to become more politically engaged, Jones pushes you toward a cabin in the hills with a gun, a supply of non-fluoridated drinking water and a cache of gold.

(He also directs anger disproportionately at the Democrats, which invites speculation he’s a sneaky Republican stooge.)

Jones, who speaks in in frequencies easily picked up by tinfoil hat, barfs up half-baked, tangential bullshit that distracts people from actual problems like climate change, environmental degradation andĀ  economic policies that favour the wealthy. He’s all about how socialists want to steal your money and government wants to control you and vaccination is dangerous. Listen to him and you’ll get stupider and crazier and more helpless. And he’ll make money from it by selling you crap.

The slogan for Jones’ website Infowars is “there’s a war on for your mind.” With Jones’ help, you can lose this war.

If the government doesn’t make you gay, first.