Jim Woodring is an American cartoonist whose surreal parables are some of the very best work being done in comics today. For the last while he’s been trying to raise funds to build a gigantic ink-dip pen so he can draw in public. This guy’s work is terrific and the world will be a better place if he has a huge pen to draw with. If you want to help him out, head over to the project’s website. Best of all, for a $50 donation you get an original drawing! The deadline is today.

The drawing in this post is swiped from Woodring’s blog, which you can visit here. There’s more information about the giant pen, as well. You can, of course, also buy his comics at any good comic book shop in Regina.

Check out Woodring’s latest book, Weathercrafting, about the redemption and subsequent adventures of the awful, long-suffering pig-man character, Manhog.