Look out boys, but if Peter McKay says we need $16 billion worth of jet fighters (prairie dog) to defend our skies from the Rooskies, (prairie dog) then we’d better be prepared to use those new war toys to bomb all their allies back to the Stone Age.

Such as the U.S. And Canadian air forces. (Montreal Gazette), who are holding joint exercises later this month with the Russian Air Force. This was all planned long before McKay went ballistic on the TU-95 interception last month.

The biggest problem with psychopathic liars is that people who have to rely on them often get confused trying to keep track of the liar’s stream of consciousness bull. The psychopath doesn’t care: he or she is on to the next issue, blithely confident that we’ve forgotten what they said directly contradicts their statements days before.

To me, the issue now isn’t national defense, or even whether the F-35 is the best plane out there. Right now the Canadian government is ruled by people who think truthiness (Wikipedia) is the same thing as truth (Merriam Webster Dictionary Online). It isn’t. And if that’s the case, this country isn’t worth defending.

God, we need an election …