1 POTASH CORPORATION FORMALLY REJECTS TAKEOVER BID Read all about it (Leader-Post). They’re even talking about it on the Current on CBC national radio this morning. This post won’t make it up in time for me to give you a link but I’m sure there will be a podcast online later (CBC).

2 THE COPS WANT TO KEEP THE LONG GUN REGISTRY What do so many supposedly good Canadians who own firearms have against the police, I wonder? Maybe they have something to hide? Or maybe on this one topic, gun owners are completely fucking batshit wacky–so insane that they’ll even betray their presumed “law and order” values. (CBC)

3 EVERYBODY IN THE COURTROOM Hundreds of people–303 to be precise–have their day in court for heinous G8 protest crimes like wearing too many black clothes and having whistles and multi-tools (presumably a swiss army knife) in their backpacks. (Toronto Star)

4 GOVERNMENT WILL MATCH PAKISTAN FLOOD DONATIONS Well, good! (Globe And Mail) You can donate here (Oxfam).

5 BC MIGHT SENTENCE HAPPY, FRIENDLY POT-FIELD BEARS TO DEATH Surprisingly, when a government says it might murder cute bears, animal lovers blow 968 kinds of gaskets. (CP/Winnipeg Free Press)

6 WIKILEAKS MASTERMIND TRASHED BY INTERNET RUMOURS SAYING HE’S A RAPIST Weird. No, he’s not a rapist. But it sounds like it might not even be a CIA-orchestrated smear job. Regardless, if he’s refusing to use condoms he’s definitely a douche. (Guardian)