1 DON’T MAKE US LAUGH, BHP BILLTON LIMITED: The Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan received a takeover bid from the Australian company recently. PotashCorp rejects it, with their CEO telling CJME that the bid “has been a smokescreen, a charade, so to speak.”

2 SPAIN VS. GOOGLE: Remember when Google Street View came to Saskatchewan, and shortly after, it was revealed that their cars had been collecting payload data from wireless networks? Same thing happened in Spain, and they’re not taking it sitting down, says the Guardian U.K. Either that, or Spain are just tired of all the Street View hoaxes.

3 CALMING DOWN SANCTIONS: Obama is easing restrictions on travel and monetary donations from the United States to Cuba. The New York Times could only find one lonely Democrat who was against the change.

4 “MEDICAL TOURISTS”: That phrase just doesn’t seem to capture the gravity of the situation, does it? At a panel in Vancouver, a group of doctors spoke out against Canadians who seek organ transplants abroad, as reported in the Leader-Post. They estimate 20 Canadians leave the country for a transplant every year.

5 LAFLEUR FREE AND CLEAR: Hockey great Guy Lafleur has been acquitted of charges from back in May 2009 of giving contradictory testimony, says the Globe and Mail. That’s one less thing standing in the way of a 1978-1979 Montreal Canadiens reunion.

6 I THOUGHT ONLY MOVIE THEATRES WERE STILL BOTHERED BY LASER POINTERS: You can buy these things for a dollar, I’m pretty sure, and yet the flight of a Calgary police helicopter was interrupted by someone on the ground with a laser pointer, according to the National Post.