And to mark the occasion, here’s a rude, funny video by New York comedian Rachel Bloom about how wicked-sexy Ray Bradbury is.

And now a disclaimer, because I don’t want our readers to freak out when we post something smutty on our website, like, you know, everyone else does on this Internet thing:

1.) This video is filled with vulgarity, swears and sexual subject matter.

2.) And copious cleavage (but no actual nudity, but the cleavage is faaantastic).

3.) This humour might not appeal to all tastes (but I think it’s hilarious).

4.) This video is obviously NSFW (Not Safe For Work: learn this acronym!)

5.) If you’re a kid, you shouldn’t be watching this kind of stuff unless your parents say it’s okay (which, if they’re cool, they will). Go kick a ball around, or better yet, go to the library and check out some of Bradbury’s books.

Right! Here we go!

Wired magazine has the story on the video here. (See? Wired posts naughty videos. That means prairie dog can too. Nyah.)

Happy birthday, Mr. Bradbury!