Saturday Night a couple of hundred Despistado fans and a few new faces turned out to the Exchange, in Regina, to see the band’s final of 3 reunion gigs after their 2004 break up. For anyone that’s been hanging around the Regina indie music scene since 2004 the show was a nostalgic trip back to “the old days, the good days, the all or nothin’ days”. For a few others it appeared to be a bit less exhilarating.

Despistado’s performance was terrific. They were as together on Saturday, as they ever where in their glory days. Half-way through the show I was sure that if 10,000 people that had never heard of Despistado where at that performance, they’d have 10,000 new fans.

But, about 3 songs from conclusion people just started leaving. Not tons of people, but enough to notice.  It WAS Saturday night so I’m sure other plans were a factor and the show was a late starter, with Despistado going on stage about quarter to midnight, but still – I couldn’t believe my eyes and couldn’t help, but ask “why?”. The generalized answer from most was “I’m just not feeling it”.

Despistado was great. The band was ridiculously good and their performance on Saturday was superb. It makes one think though. This band forged a strong following in a tightly knit community based around Roca Jacks and beers at O’hanlon’s Taverna – what does that look like now, to people that weren’t necessarily a part of that community? I get the sense that those people didn’t view Saturday’s show with quite the same enthusiasm most did.  I guess it’s hard to truly judge the landscape, when you’re travelling 88 miles per hour.

Photos by Kim Jay.