When I came home from my morning walk, my wife was watching Canada AM.
“Did you know that Toronto was playing Mexico is some soccer game last night?” (Sportsnet)
“Yeah,” I replied. “Toronto FC (their website) was playing Cruz Azul (their website), one of the best soccer clubs in Mexico, in this thing called the CONCACAF Champions League. Toronto won, 2-1.”
“What’s the CONCACAF Champions League?” (the event’s home page)
It’s the best pro teams in North and Central America playing each otheri (Wikipedia)n this tournament that runs parallel to the regular league seasons. In Toronto’s case, the MLS season.”
“Oh,” Tammy said. “So Toronto’s champions now?”
“No, actually it is the first game of the tournament. They’ll play against each other in Mexico City a month from now.”

And the soccer craziness continues … (some Canadians writing about soccer)