LASER TAG AN OLYMPIC SPORT, KINDA During the next modern pentathlon competition in the Olympics – London 2012 – competitors get to use laser pistols, only if they promise to keep their phasers on stun. (Deadspin) While Trekkers prepare,

a nearly-forgotten Toronto prog-rock band approves.

THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING (PART 1) When I did a prairie dog story about the federal government’s purchase of the F-35 jet fighter, (prairie dog) I said the jet was most notable for what it can’t do – that is, defend North American air space from a bomber attack. The Mound of Sound describes why the F-35 is useless against what would be the biggest threat in a Third World War – a mass cruise missile attack. (The Disaffected Liberal)

THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING (PART 2) The Russians are such threats to Canadian sovereignty that … wait a minute … a joint exercise between Canadian, American and Russian militaries in the Canadian Arctic? This wouldn’t happen if Stephen Harper was prime minister (Creekside).

ROD PEDERSEN FINALLY GETS LUCKY One of the biggest problems with conducting public demonstrations, such as what PETA did in downtown Regina yesterday, is that the medium they choose for their message – in this case, women and public nudity – often overshadows their message. (Rod Pedersen)

BEN MULRONEY EMABLES TERRORISM One of three men arrested in Ottawa on terrorism charges was a Canadian Idol contestant. (Toronto Star)

WINNIPEG MAYOR’S GERMAN INVASION? Taking a soccer ball to the head is funny in any language.