DISPOSABLE SOLDIERS If I hear another armchair warrior praising Harper while exhorting everyone to ‘Support Our Troops,’ I’m going to hit them with an iPad with this on the screen. (The Galloping Beaver)

CON AIR COMING SOON WITH STEVE-O’S HELP It’s not enough to tool around with the census, or the national firearms registry. Of Gods and Monsters has a comprehensive list of people on Harper’s sh*t list. Prime Minister Steve-O now wants to purge the CRTC to allow ConAir to broadcast on basic cable (The Globe and Mail) – and forcing all cable/satellite TV subscribers to pay for the Conservative propaganda machine. Trust me: any so-called news outlet with reporters claiming that Moslems saying good bye to each other is a pig Latin style code that really means “Let’s kill everybody” (Keeping An Eye on Fox News North) isn’t a news outlet at all.

MORE ON WHO OWNS STEVE-O’S FAVOURITE NEWS CHANNEL – When the National Post thinks you’ve crossed the line (National Post) – and when your editorial writer recommends the slaughter of refugees on the high seas (Ottawa Sun) – you’ve gone too far.

ABOUT THIRTY YEARS TOO LATE, BUT WE’LL ACCEPT YOUR APOLOGY Fat lot it’s going to do right now, but U.S. President Ronald Reagan’s chief economic advisor says Reganomics was a crock. (MarketWatch)

MR. MCMAHON ISN’T GOING TO LIKE THIS STORY LINE American society is such a clown show right now that (a) the death of a jobber pro wrestler may have an impact on a U.S. Senate race, and (b) some of the best recent political writing comes from a website that doesn’t seem to take any ‘sport’ seriously except professional wrestling (Deadspin)

JUDGE NOT LEST YOU BE JUDGED The Edmonton Eskimos are, arguably, the laughingstock of all professional football. And, as a Saskatchewan Roughrider fan, may I say that comes not a moment too soon. Having said that, riddle me this, Eskimos fans: if Eric Tillman is radioactive thanks to his recent legal transgressions, (CBC) where were you when the Oilers hired a head coach who killed a woman? (Wikipedia). That’s right: killed a woman. (Greatest Hockey Legends)