Calexico, right?

Yesterday was a very full night and day of music, including a full slate of impressive day sessions. Although if you spent any time at the afterparty, chances are good you didn’t make out until later. That wasn’t a problem for James_Townley, though: “#RFF I like your daytime sessions. Curse of the early riser.”

One session I didn’t see anyone talking about was the Judy and Lucy session at the kids tent. Two very funny and talented ladies – involved in such things as Combat Improv and the recent Globe show Bertha – teaching improv to children? Just about the cutest thing imaginable. Rivals klezmer hip-hop artist SoCalled doing a magic show for the kids last year. (And reading off the first few numbers from my credit card.)

All this entertainment ain’t free, which janedoughnut seems to realize: “Can’t have a fest without benefactors unless you want to pay $$$ RT @sbourassa: It’s a folk festival … Enough of all the Corp plugs! #rff”

And this tweet from cambroten was just fun to imagine: “Impromptu NDP caucus meeting (current and former MLAs) at #RFF. Enjoying catching up with Eric Cline.”

But, for me, and for many others by the looks of it, Calexico were the highlight of the day. Last night’s host Grant Lawrence showed his appreciation by dropping a reference I would never expect to hear at the Regina Folk Festival: “Calexico, Victoria Park, downtown Regina. Best brass section since Rocket from the Crypt! @reginafolkfest #rff”

While loweeda drew this comparison that I’m still trying to wrap my head around: “Calexico = Blue Rodeo US. Joey Burns = Jim Cuddy South. These are very good things, mind you #rff”

Calexico and RFF were your best bets for yesterday in Regina. You could’ve been over at the Queen City Ex instead, like danmacrae: “Ate deep fried oreos and a deep fried Snickers bar last night. I’m genuinely concerned my poo has diabetes.”