A lot of things went to plan for the last day of the Regina Folk Festival. Some things just couldn’t be foreseen with 100% accuracy, though. The sudden rain as soon as sessions were done is a perfect example.

Still, no one could’ve guessed which number was picked for the 50/50. miked1979 sums up a common reaction pretty well: “The winning 50/50 ticket was 0001?!? Them 12 hours I spent selling them seem like a real waste of time now! #rff”

(For the record, miked1979 was also the Waldo everyone was seeing around.)

But there was a lot more happening at RFF than random little things or just cute dogs and babies. (Even though there were a million cute babies and dogs at the festival.) Sunday was another day of great, great music, including two wild closers, Patrick Watson and Buffy Sainte-Marie, in addition to three full sets by Ghostkeeper, undoubtedly some of the stars of the festival.

I love the joy that Watson finds in making so much cacophonous noise. His joie de vivre extends to just about everything that happened, and his particular laugh was picked up on by klockwerk: “And introducing Patrick Watson as Chewbacca #rff”

Buffy inspired a ton of love from folks, including those up onstage. Weyburn fellow Leeroystagger seemed pumped to be opening for her: “#rff Excited to rock the mainstage tonight at 9pm before the amzng Buffy sainte Marie. I’m doing radiant land for her tonight. Regina folk!”

A tweet from the RFF themselves brought up an interesting question in my mind: “Finale!! These are always gooders, but sad. Buffy was awesome, as we expected. Now dance you shoes off! (If they aren’t already.) #rff”

I saw so many people up front without shoes, and I couldn’t help but wonder, Where were you keeping your shoes? Did you walk downtown without them? Was there some kind of secret shoe check-in on the grounds? Was there a friendly blanket where everyone could keep their shoes? I’ll keep wearing my Adidas, but I’m just curious.

Finally, I can’t help but note a little critique wcdixon made on one of our fellow media outlets: What a non-article…no mention of wicked Calexico or Arrested Development shows @leaderpost Regina Folk Festival: http://bit.ly/diEkvz #rff