I told you. Once I start talking about art, I have a hard time stopping. This is the second straight pick of the day for me with a visual art theme.

This is another show I haven’t seen yet. It opened on July 24 at the Dunlop’s Sherwood Village Library location (6121 Rochdale Blvd.), and runs until Sept. 26. It’s by Regina artist Dennis J. Evans, and consists of a series of photographs taken by Evans, a long-time University of Regina art professor, on various trips he’s taken over the last nine or so years.

Some of the locations Evans visited, like Mongolia, India, Tibet and Costa Rica, are undeniably exotic; others like Quebec, Arizona, Alberta and Saskatchewan are more familiar. As to what Evans is aiming to accomplish with his show, Dunlop curator Jeff Nye has this to say: Evans’ images of portraits, landscapes and props generate stories; in turn the stories propagate the on-going floating opera of the unique and universal connections we share as a human race.

Take the above image. It’s called Helpers 2. If you check out the green highway sign to the right of the two ukele-strumming hula girls you’ll see Regina listed as the middle destination. Just nine clicks before Gallina,  and seven past La Jara.

With their green skirts, the two “helpers” almost look like Rider hula girls. Their coconut shell-encased bosums swelling like the hills and perhaps even mini-mountains that loom in the distance. Just nine kilometres from Regina.