Image via detour-mag.comOK, the title might be a little peremptory at this point. According to this interview on Exclaim!’s website:

“I think we’re just slowing down,” Webb said initially, before adding, “We’ll just say, ‘See you around.’

Writer Vish Knanna goes on to detail a lot of what’s been noted from outside the band as per membership changes and side projects.

If this is any more than a temporary hiatus, it’ll be a big loss for the Canadian music and for Regina. Constantines were an act who made a point of touring through town once or twice a year, and were always a highlight.

To celebrate the band and get a sense of what their live sound was like, check out the songs they recorded for Daytrotter back in February. “I Will Not Sing a Hateful Song” especially gives a good sense of what you could expect at one of their concerts.