1 MORE SUITS, LESS PRODUCE The redeveloped Superstore building had its grand opening yesterday (Leader-Post). The positive perspective: really good to see that building used instead of sitting empty. It’s especially good to have that corner active if you’re a business in the warehouse district, because more people generally = safer (and safer-feeling!) neighbourhood.

The surly take? That grocery/department store was important to that neighbourhood, and this grand opening is salt on that old wound.

2 SERVICE CANADA CUTS 600 JOBS Read the tale here. Generally speaking, government workers do needed work and laying off staff to balance budgets is going to affect the quality of service the public receives. So at a glance, this sucks. (CP/Winnipeg Free Press)

3 LONG FORM CENSUS HEARINGS UNDERWAY Yeah, yeah, blah blah blah (Globe And Mail). The Conservatives want to do away with the mandatory long-form census. Why? Well, eliminating the long-form census accomplishes the following things: 1.) It reduces the amount of information available to governments, who need demographic facts to make good social policy decisions. 2.) It makes it harder for critics to criticize stupid government decisions because fewer facts will be available. 3.) It pleases the anti-government, mountain-cabin-mentality Tory base who hate paying taxes, being told they can’t have unlicensed firerms and having their children taught science in schools instead of religion. So in short, the Tories don’t recognize the importance of facts, they don’t want their critics to have access to good information and they want to look good to their hard-core loon supporters. Jerks.

4 WE’RE NUMBER ONE! Aaaaaat gambling! (CBC)