1 IRAN HATES MUSIC NOW. Ayatollah Ali Khameini declared on Monday that music is incompatible with the teachings of Islam. Yeah, right. Can I go ahead and call Khameini a complete dick on this blog? Can I? Because he is.

2 BUT THERE’LL BE MUSIC IN NEW YORK. The way is clear in New York City for the Muslim community centre/prayer centre/ mosque to be built near the World Trade Center. Cue the predictable screaming of neoconservatives.

3 BRISTOL PALIN DUMPS LEVI JOHNSON. For a moment I thought the headline read that Palin dumped Johnson for other women, not over other women. And there went the last shred of interest I had in the story.

4 MORE DISASTER AID AVAILABLE IN SASKATCHEWAN. Premier Wall announced today that the Provincial Disaster Assistance Program is getting a substantial boost. Lower deductibles and increased maximum levels of assistance make me optimistic that the government is taking this summer of extreme weather seriously.

Here is a fat marmot eating a graham cracker.