Image via“Any despistado fans left?”

This was the question posed via local act Rah Rah’s Twitter account this past Wednesday. An hour and a half later, they followed that tweet with this:

“Yeah man! Despistado in Regina and saskatoon Aug26,27,28. Details soon! RT @scallen: @rahrahband uh-huh… reunion plans?”

They’ve recently confirmed that beloved Regina band Despistado, who broke up in 2004, will be playing at August 26 at the Lazy Owl in Regina, August 27 at Cafe Solla in Saskatoon, and August 28 at the Exchange back in Regina.

I haven’t seen any mention of any of this outside of Rah Rah’s Twitter account, but, considering former Despistado members Joel Passmore and Leif Thorseth are both in Rah Rah these days, we can probably consider this announcement legit.