America’s Greatest Douchebag (TM) is in Washington today for the Restoring Honor rally, encouraging frightened, gullible xenophobes to vote Republican in America’s November election.

And they’re listening. From the Washington Post:

Olga Sanchez, 79, of Tampa, had never before been to a rally in Washington. But Sanchez, a retired administrative assistant, watches Beck on television every day. And when she heard him announce plans for the rally, Sanchez called her younger brother, a trumpet player in the National Symphony Orchestra, and said she wanted to come.

“I’m a big fan of Glenn Beck,” said Sanchez, a registered Republican, sitting in her walker just in front of the memorial’s first step. “He is opening our eyes, teaching us the history we didn’t learn in school.”

Some might gently suggest Beck’s actually a malicious con artist who makes his money by spreading fear and hatred. But everyone’s entitled to their dangerously wrong opinion.

Sarah Palin is also speaking at this pro-Republican rally, which happens on the anniversary of a legendary civil rights speech while a black Democratic sits in the White House.

Ironically, the party Beck champions to a mostly if not ENTIRLY white crowd representing America’s crumbling middle class is the party that’s been the most committed to tax cuts benefiting the wealthy, expensive, stupid wars that have bankrupted America and of course anti-immigration bigotry, ecocide, gun proliferation, homophobia and creepy mysticism. As for Beck? He’s rolling in it. Beck pulled in $32 million between April 09 and March 2010.

But he’s a white guy wearing blue jeans and sneakers, so he’s a man of the people I guess.