I’m cooked. I’m still getting over a cold and we just put the paper out. Tired, dopey, nothing to say. But I’ve got the blog-post guilties so something’s got to go up.

I’m feeling nostalgic and sentimental, so how about this: the biggest, baddest video game boss move of all time, from the 1997 PlayStation epic Final Fantasy 7. The boss is the devil-like Sephiroth and his limit-breaking move is called “Supernova”.

And oh, how it pwns. Witness and tremble:

The attack cause over 700 billion damage to your little dudes (734,893,749,212 to be precise). Sephiroth uses this move like, three times so you need lots of healing potions.

The world shall never see such pwnage again. ‘Cause it’s been blown up. Three times!