1 SHOCKING FUSS OVER LONG-FORM CENSUS MESS I ranted about this last week and LaRose will file a story on it in next week’s paper. Not really surprising that prairie dog sees ideological skullduggery in an esoteric change to the Canadian census but I’m baffled and rather pleased that the rest of the media have been strong on this story over the last week. Here’s today’s census news in the Globe And Mail.

2 NORTH BATTLEFORD BLASTED BY STORM The picture with this CBC story says it all.

3 DAMAGES UPHELD How effing stupid do Vancouver police have to be to arrest, detain and┬ástrip-search a lawyer known for taking on pro bono cases against police misconduct? Yeesh. I’m sure he’s less motivated to take shitty cops to court than he used to be. Right. Next thing you know these bozos will be shoving disabled people and… oh, wait. (CBC)

4 HUGE URBAN RESERVE MOVES AHEAD IN WINNIPEG The City of Winnipeg just signed a services for fees deal with the Long Plain First nation for a 1.3 hectare area not far from the football stadium (if you want to call what the Bombers do “football”). Unbelievably, this will be Winnipeg’s first urban reserve. (Winnipeg Free Press)

5 NERDAPALLOZA 2010 IS UNDER WAY Set a course for San Diego, Mr. Sulu, warp factor 9! (The Guardian)

6 CONRAD BLACK BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH Blah blah blah blah. (Toronto Star)