IP ADDRESSES TO RUN OUT WITHIN THE YEAR. Thirty years ago, the founders of the internet created a system that allowed for about four billion (4,000,000,000!) IP addresses. Seems like a lot, yes? Not so much. Expect rioting, Facebook to be set on fire, etcetera.

AIRPLANE CRASH IN PAKISTAN KILLS 152 PEOPLE. A plane went down outside of Islamabad today, killing all passengers and crew.

PREMIER BRAD WALL VOWS TO FUND MS TREATMENT TECHNIQUE. Saskatchewan is going to fund clinical trials for liberation therapy,  an apparently controversial treatment for multiple sclerosis. He’d better think through the policy options and get his trusted army of public serv – wait, never mind.

THIS JUST IN: NUCLEAR REACTORS COST MONEY. A report released Tuesday claims that constructing a nuclear reactor in Saskatchewan would not be cost-efficient or environmentally friendly. “Nuclear power is not a silver bullet,” said report author Heath Packman. It isn’t? How are we going to deal with Saskatchewan’s werewolf infestation now? With actual silver bullets, I guess.

MAN WITH A HATCHET ROBS REGINA CONVENIENCE STORE TWICE IN ONE DAY. You’d think they’d put out a sign or something. Like, “Staff are invulnerable to edged weapons and take -3 damage from maces and clubs”. That would work if the robber were a D&D nerd. Huzzah!

KANYE WEST RAPS A CAPELLA AT FACEBOOK OFFICES. Do you find this a bit odd as well? Not just that Kanye West showed up in a suit and busted some rhymes, but that Facebook takes up actual physical space somewhere?

And don’t forget: Paul DeChene is on Gormley this morning, debating Regina’s radio eminence on climate change.