1 CASH ON THE WAY FOR FLOOD-WRECKED FARMERS Read all about it. (CP/Globe And Mail)

2 AT-RISK CANADIAN SPECIES NEED BIG, CONNECTED PARKS This news is not news to anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of ecology. (CBC)

3 PARTY LIKE IT’S 1954 The U.S. and Russia swap spies. (New York Times)

4 CIVIL LIBERTIES CHANGES INVESTIGATED Before the G8 conference, the Ontario provincial government secretly changed the law to allow police to arrest anyone who refused to produce ID or be searched (and people who weresearched had self-defence items like gas masks and eye drops confiscated). This was clearly wrong. Now we’ll see if the Ontario Ombudsman agrees. (Globe And Mail)

5 NEED A JOB? MOVE TO CANADA So says the Huffington Post. Wait–I’m already here. And I have a job! It worked!

6 NEED A DIFFERENT KIND OF JOB? ROOT FOR THE NETHERLANDS So also says the Huffington Post. This sounds like one of those things that would be a lot less fun than it sounds like. Doesn’t matter though: Paul the Octopus says it’s Spain all the way.