1 WINNIPEG INTELLECTUAL Bringing back the Jets is worth a 911 call (Winnipeg Free Press).

2 DON’T LOOK, ALBERTANS A public agency or government trying to restrict artistic expression in Alberta isn’t news. When the United Nations does it, it’s news. (Montreal Gazette)

3 I THINK TONY CLEMENT IS A SOUTH PARK FAN After reading this editorial from today’s Globe and Mail, methinks the Cons’ last remaining strategy to defend axing the long-form census data is the Chewbacca defense. (Wikipedia).

4 EXHIBIT NUMBER 23,766 IN THE DISPLAY OF THE ABSOLUTELY BARKING USELESSNESS OF SASKATCHEWAN ELECTING CONSERVATIVE MPs Saskatchewan cities, towns and municipalities are going to be screwed out of their share of federal infrastructure stimulus money because of this season’s incredibly wet spring and summer. Saskatoon Humboldt MP Brad Trost’s response? Let them eat cake. (Star Phoenix, with a hat tip to Accidental Deliberations)

5 HIDE YOUR THESAURUSES – AND YOUR WALLETS Conrad Black is out on bail. (Kingston Whig Standard)

6 EVER WONDER WHY PRAIRIEDOGMAG.COM ISN’T A PAYSITE? Okay, The Guardian is a competing newspaper, but the fact that one of its competitors, The Times, lost 90 per cent of its internet traffic after becoming a pay-only site (The Guardian).