Spent the last many hours enjoying the weather hence the lateness of this update… Anyway, my fears of going on the Gormley show turning into a bloodbath were a tad overblown. It was actually very fun. I didn’t win him over to the side of science and reason. But I don’t think I gave any ground either.

If you missed it, the good news (or bad, depending on how you look at it) is that John Gormley has said he will happily and proudly sign our Global Warming Skeptic’s Declaration. His will be the first we receive. And I promised him that we will frame it and send a picture to him of it hanging over Stephen’s desk.

Also, in 10 years, if it turns out that climate change isn’t real, we’ll have to throw a party in John Gormley’s honour and name him the mayor of prairiedogville. The bet’s pretty safe. Mind you, if it ever turns out that the evidence is overwhelming that anthropogenic global warming isn’t real, I’ll be throwing lots and lots of parties.

It’d be nice to think that’s a possibility, but as I said on the show, the science is clear. The planet’s getting warmer and we’re the cause.

In return, John’s promised that if in 10 years it turns out we’re clearly right, he’ll have me back on the show to say “I told you so.” I was hoping for a little more. At least he could buy me a beer.

A very warm beer.

And that’s it. Thanks VERY much to everyone for the encouragement and advice. And for all the post-show virtual high-fives on the blog, on Facebook and in my in-box.

And as we’ve mentioned before, please download that Global Warming Skeptic’s Declaration (there’s a link in the right column there) and send it to all the science deniers you know.