If the weather isn’t too shitty, the best thing that people should consider doing  today is getting outside. Make sure you wear sunscreen though. On the rare occasion when the Sun does shine these days, it’s at peak intensity as far as the UV index goes. Because of all the cloudy and wet weather we’ve had, conversely, our skin is in mid-May condition as far as handling UV rays.

Outside of being outdoors, the two biggest options I’m aware of for doing something today are … uhm, a study in contrasts, to put it mildly.

On one hand, you’ve got a massive heavy metal blow-out at the Exchange featuring Desecrate Scripture, Titan’s Eye, Auroch and headliners The Seven Gates.

And on the other, you have Menopause: The Musical. 

It’s a 2 p.m. matinee at Conexus Arts Centre, while the Exchange gig is tonight. So the option certainly exists of attending both events. But it’s hard to envision a scenario where that might happen … outside of maybe an aging cougar with a deep and abiding love for thrash metal.

Such creatures exist, I’m pretty sure. And with a foot in both camps, so to speak, they could handle attending both events in the same day. But for most Reginans, I fear, the shock would be too much.

Here’s links to a scene from the Menopause musical and video of the Seven Gates doing “Angel of Suffering” to prepare you either way.