Throughout their over 20 year history, Los Angeles-based  industrial metal band Fear Factory have had an abiding interest in the relationship between humanity and technology.

 Speaking about the band’s 1998 album Obsolete vocalist Burton Bell said: We’re up to the point in the story where man is obsolete. Man has created these machines to make his life easier but in the long run it made him obsolete. The machines he created are now destroying him. Man is not the primary citizen on Earth.

These days, through various court rulings that have extended the concept of human rights into the economic realm, it’s even arguable that corporations have more clout than people do. They’re a human invention, too. What is it about us, I wonder, that compells us to keep subordinating ourselves like we do?

Tonight, Fear Factory is at Riddell Centre. Performing as well are 36 CrazyFists, After the Burial, Divine Hearsy and Baptized in Blood. Doors are at 7 p.m. and tix for the all-ages gig are $28.50. To get your neck muscles loosened up, here’s the video for Fear Factory’s “Moment of Impact” off their 2005 CD Transgression.