Jamaica’s national sound wasn’t the only thing everybody’s favourite early-’80s Aussie reggae-rock outfit ripped off, apparently. A judge says they also swiped the flute line from “Kookaburra Sits In The Old Gum Tree”. The Toronto Star has the story here.

As rip-off lawsuits go I’m not sure this is quite up there with k.d. lang vs. The Rolling Stones or the Rolling vs. The Verve.

(And if anyone sued The Verve it should’ve been the Andrew Oldham Band, who totally re-interpreted “The Last Time”, and whose song The Verve sampled. Because Bitter Sweet Symphony DOES NOT SOUND LIKE THE STONE’S SONG.)

Speaking of samples and rip-offs, I’ve been listening to this Dan Black song a lot lately. A high five to anyone who recognizes the awesome sample. Hint: theme of best sci-fi date movie evar.