4 in the Afternoon1 YORKTON FLOOD IS OFFICIALLY A DISASTER Saskatchewan’s bizarro record rainfall has wrecked Yorkton.

2 THE STADIUM AND THE CABINET SHUFFLE Fine article by Tim Switzer in the Leader-Post about the provincial cabinet shuffle and the current state of new stadium discussions. If this is something you’re excited about, angry about or just kind of interested in, it’s worth a read. Mayor Pat Fiacco calls for a decision one way or the other before the year is out.

3 SUE! SUE! SUE! The Canadian Civil Liberties Association says it expects lawsuits to just be a-flyin’ (I paraphrase) over G8/G20 extension of police powers.  (Globe And Mail/Canadian Press)

4 AL GORE, SEX POODLE Have you heard about this sexual assault investigation? Do you suppose the charge could be true? (Yahoo/Associated Press)

BONUS BONEHEAD OF THE DAY The chair of the Republican National Committee implies that Barack Obama invaded Afghanistan? Wha?!

Wait, we need the quote:

Keep in mind again, federal candidates, this was a war of Obama’s choosing. This is not something the United States had actively prosecuted or wanted to engage in. […]

It was the president who was trying to be cute by half by flipping a script demonizing Iraq, while saying the battle really should be in Afghanistan. Well, if he’s such a student of history, has he not understood that you know that’s the one thing you don’t do, is engage in a land war in Afghanistan? All right, because everyone who has tried, over a thousand years of history, has failed. And there are reasons for that. There are other ways to engage in Afghanistan. 

Not even exagerating: that’s the kind of stuff you find in George Orwell’s 1984. durng “Hate Week”, the Enemy is suddenly, without explanation, changed from Eurasia to Eastasia (there were only three countries in 1984). The mob imediately redirects their hatred without seeming to realize they have a different enemy from one minute to the next. When no one remembers anything, they’ll believe anything.

Although on the bright side, the crazy lady and I agree that the U.S. needs to get out of Afghanistan.