4 in the Afternoon1 THE MOTHER OF ALL WIKILEAKS Massive release of classified Afghanistan war documents yesterday from the world’s bestest little secret-busters. (Guardian) Also, Canadian Foreign Minister Law Cannon says the leak could endanger Canadian troops (Globe And Mail). I think he means it could endanger support for his government’s pro-military hard-on.

2 CASINO STRIKE OVER I was worried this one was going to get extremely ugly. Phew. (Leader-Post) Anyway now that it’s done I can get back to… waitaminute I don’t go to the casino.

3 BRITS GUT CULTURE TO FIGHT DEFICIT Blarrgh. (CBC) I say the Tories are using Great Britain’s deficit crisis as a club to trash government services but what do I know. I’d also say this is why you don’t go tax-cut crazy in good times–you’ll need that cash when the economy blows up.

4 STUPID KID BIKES INTO PARKED CAR WHILE TEXTING Idiot. (Canadian Press/Winnipeg Free Press)