Okay, first of all, everything on the agenda was approved. That’s not the newsworthy part of this post.

What is newsworthy is that we learned that the restaurant opening at 917 11th Ave won’t be a Laotian restaurant. (Curses.) Its Laotianness was my imagination — and my lust for laap — getting carried away with itself.

What it will be is an English-style fish ‘n’ chips joint. Which is still pretty good. I like English-style fish ‘n’ chips. I guess it’d be too much to ask that the fish come wrapped in newsprint? Probably some anal-retentive “health” bylaw forbids swaddling foodstuffs in discarded Leader Posts and/or prairie dogs. I swear, lawmakers these days got no respect for tradition.

Also revealed tonight were a few more details about the statue that will be erected in the plaza outside city hall. Apparently, it will be a bronze bust of Chief Piapot weighing 200 pounds and valued at $38,000.

Also of interest, Councillor Clipsham requested staff investigate the potential of restoring Davin Fountain. You can view it in all its former glory in the pic accompanying this post. And… hang on a second… now you can view the fountain as it currently looks, sitting in storage on the Exhibition grounds. Just click on the thumbnail at right. (I lifted both pics from the meeting agenda pdf.)

If the fountain still works, looks like there will be some momentum behind finding a suitable site for it.

So, my question for you, dear dog blog readers, is what would you like to see the city do with the Davin Fountain?