You’re probably already tired of bumping into co-workers and friends who want to inform you that it’s “so hot outside,” that “this is the quite summer we’re having,”. Usually this culminates in a bit of wistful philosophizing about the cruelty of “being stuck inside on such a warm day”. Talk of sneaking out early for a brewski may ensue. But be warned! These people will never buy you a brewski, even if they intimate such. Instead they will sit dazedly in front a bucket of sangria on some patio, unable to form so much as a sentence as theirĀ brains melt from theĀ heat of Regina in its mid-summer solar throes.

In fact, today is so damn hot that apparently even HAL 9000 is complaining. And he’s in orbit around Jupiter! Think how Dr. Dave Bowman must feel in that stuffy spacesuit, poking around HAL’s inverted filing cabinet of a brain.

(via Dangerous Minds)

And here is fat marmot eating a graham cracker. If the heat’s bothering him, he doesn’t let it stop him from going to town on that cracker, amirite?