Take a moment to look back on your life and reflect on the happiest moments you’ve ever had. Done? Good. Because even if you are destined for future moments that will be thrice as happy as those in the past, it will all still pale when compared to the happiness of this pup:

Look at that little guy go! He’s missing 3/4 of his legs, but does that keep him from dancing? Goodness, no! And he’s that excited about dog food!

Dog food is the thing domestic dogs are supposed to eat. It’s got all the nutrients they need to be happy. Oh, and contrary to what the dog food ads would have you believe, dog food isn’t even sweet or tasty (trust me). It’s practically health food for dogs.

Have you ever been that excited over a bran muffin? Be honest.

Have you made the right decisions in your life? This dog has.

Do you feel like dancing a bit now? You should. It’s ok. It’s perfectly natural.