Rosie's World CupMuch like the Olympics, the success of a World Cup depends in large part on how well the home team is doing. Judging from the opening match today in Johannesburg’s Soccer City, this might not be a bad tournament, as South Africa tied Mexico 1-1 in front of 92,000 fans, most blowing those vuvuzela things ( that make the place sound like it’s getting attacked by trillions of black flies. South Africa had a couple of late chances, but hit the post. There’s hope for the Bfana Bfana yet.
To understand what the World Cup in general, and the South African national soccer team in particular, means to this country, take a look at what the Toronto Star, the Independent, and the CBC have to say.
One of those who had reason to give the game and the opening ceremonies a miss was former South Africa president Nelson Mandela, whose 13-year-old great-granddaughter was killed in a car crash the night before the match (Johannesburg Mail & Guardian)