1. CRAZY GAS LEAK POWER OUTAGE EMERGENCY CREWS JUST LIKE A BLOCK FROM ME: CBC radio reported this morning that the reason my power was out was related to some kind of work being done near the 13th Ave Safeway and it led to some kind of natural gas leak and apartments have been evacuated in and around 14th and Robinson. The net has some stories up about the power out but not much more detail. (L-P and CBC) Anyway, it’s all going on a block south of where I’m sitting having coffee. (Here’s a pic) Fire trucks and police are out in force. I could smell natural gas on the walk here. “Well, gee Paul, why don’t you go out and interview some cops or something. You’re a reporter, ain’t ya? Make yourself useful,” you’re probably saying. Well, I would but….

2. GREAT PLACES TO WATCH THE FOOTY: I’m in CafĂ© Orange catching the tail end of some World Cup. Here’s a pic. This is a great place to watch soccer, by the way. Big new tellies. Not too busy. Decent coffee. Nice folk. Meanwhile, if something explodes, I’ll get you a scoop, Stephen, I promise.

3. THIS IS GOING ON MY WISH LIST: A creationism museum in Georgia is up for sale. We should all pitch in and buy this. How much fun would that be? What do you say? (Higgenbotham Auctioneers via Pharyngula)

4. MPs OPENING BOOKS TO A-G: Yeah, finally. We’ll see how much they spend on … whatever… blahblahblah watching world cup. (G&M)

5. OBAMA TO KICK SOME BP ASS: Yay! Watching world cup. (G&M)


UPDATE: Looks like the gas leak and my power being out (item 1) might be unrelated. Or maybe they’re related. I don’t know. It’s haaaard to blog when you’re trying to watch television.