Music festival life is full of choices. There are always tons of bands playing and hundreds of other great things to check out simultaneously. So when two of your favourite bands are playing at same time it’s tough making a decision. Advice doesn’t work, because inevitably the polls are split. Last night the Black Keys and the Flaming Lips played at the same time. Two epic bands in the same, short hour and a half spot.

So what does one do? After weeks of deliberation the Black Keys won out. The show was phenomenal. The Black Keys earned their reputation as a the best hard driving guitar and explosive blues rhythm band of their generation. The good news is the Flaming Lips were late and we showed up just in time to see them perform Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon album from start to finish. The Flaming Lips finished just in time to saunter to the LCD Soundsystem show.  The lesson? At a festival like this, roll with it and more often than not, everything will work out in your favour.

Photo: Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys

Photo by Kim Jay