Kind of took a couple weeks off unannounced from this column. Sorry. Things got hectic.

Monday, June 13
CITY COUNCIL (5:30pm): Council will be considering a proposed 4-plex development in the Transcona Subdivision that will house a Youth For Christ Uturn program. Some residents are opposed to this but Planning Commission gave it a strong endorsement. Should go through no problem. (We covered this in more detail here and here.)

A report will be brought forward summarizing developments from the May 27 meeting of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities Big City Mayors’ Caucus. This includes a look at a preliminary outline for the upcoming National Infrastructure Summit that Regina will host early next year.

Junos, photo-radar, infill and condos after the jump….

Meanwhile, did you know the Juno Awards are coming to Regina in 2013? Well, they are. And the organizing committee is seeking a commitment from council for $350,000 in funding. Executive Committee, at a private meeting, recommended approval in principal and forwarded the request to the budget process.

Also on tonight’s agenda, the South Zone Recreation Board’s community garden should get a five year property tax exemption. And finally, Councillor Browne will be bringing forward two motions. The first asks administration to prepare a report on pot-hole repair. The second concerns child safety… specifically, he wants staff to look into the feasibility of photo-radar in school zones.

Wednesday, June 16
REGINA PLANNING COMMISSION (4 pm): The final condo conversion application will be coming forward at this meeting. It’s at 443 Lorne Avenue and once this is dealt with, the conversion queue should be empty and no more will be considered until the vacancy rate hits three per cent. City staff have recommended denial on this conversion, both because of the little issue of a 0.6 per cent vacancy rate and because of outstanding hardship issues identified by the building’s current tenants.

A cardlock fuel station is being considered for the Ross Industrial Subdivision. An infill development at 6301 Dalgleish Drive has received some strong opposition from neighbouring residents. The Dalgleish property was intended to be turned into a school and is presently being used for a skating rink and public open space. The developer intends to turn it into a 24-lot arranged around a cul-de-sac. An older plan to build apartment blocks on the lot was scrapped after public meetings, so it’ll be interesting to see if this new plan has assuaged community concerns.

Also, developers for the Lakeridge Addition and Creeks subdivisions are seeking the go ahead on their construction plans.

And finally, city staff will be bringing forward a status update on a new Condominium Conversion Policy that they’ve been working on.