While the Pentagon can’t manage to find Osama Bin Laden,  they did manage to accidentally stumble over huge cashes of minerals like lithium copper, iron, copper, cobalt, and gold spread all over the country. So rich is this find — to the tune of $1 trillion —  that it is expected to be bigger than the country’s whole economy, outselling opium, good intentions, bullshit, war and foreign aid combined. This isn’t the first time our resources have wound up under their sand, as they say.  This seems to happen a lot in countries that interest Americans, not so much in places that don’t. (To be fair, it was the Russians who found them first back in their doomed Afghan war; Afghan geologists have apparently been keeping it quiet until now. So it might not be a huge Pentagon/Halliburton conspiracy, but I doubt it.)

Details here. (Photo and news source: NY Times)