The Globe and Mail is reporting that police in Ontario have just purchased a water cannon in anticipation of protests around the G20 summit happening this weekend.

Wait a second…. They’ve already spent a billion dollars on security, the summit starts on Friday, and they’re just buying the water cannon now??

What exactly has our summit security czar been spending his money on if not a water cannon? Walkie-talkies and a McAfee update?

Doesn’t he realize that when you’re planning for a G-whatever summit, your security bill should read: tear-gas, truncheons, jack boots, then water cannon. In that order. In this day and age, you can’t call yourself a civilized western democracy if your municipal police can’t dress up like dystopic-sci-fi-movie police. (“Sarge, can we practice the part where we march forward, slamming our shields with our clubs and shouting, ‘Obey’?”)

I mean, what are they going to do if Jaggi Singh wheels out the teddy-bear catapult?