1 HAPPY NATIONAL ABORIGINAL DAY! Here’s Greg’s run-down of NAD events from earlier today on Dog Blog (you can also just scroll down). And here’s more in the Leader-Post.

2 SATURDAY WAS PRIDE DAY IN REGINA And the Leader-Post had more coverage than prairie dog. We had nothing. We didn’t even have it listed in our events calendar. Boo on us and boo on the GLBT community organizers for not bothering to even submit a listing. Boo, boo boo everyone.

3 THAT’S 21 IN DOG GOALS Portugal annihilates North Korea 7-0. (Sky Sports)

4 FIRE AND FLOOD IN ALBERTA Explosions in Edmonton and wild waters in Medicine Hat. (Edmonton Journal, Calgary Herald)

5 WHALING BAN BUSTED? The must-read story is here (Guardian). Summary: the International Whaling Commission is in critical meetings in Morocco. The chair of the IWC wants the global whaling ban replaced with limited hunting to convince whaling nations to haul their harpoons back to the table and away from endangered species. The U.S. and New Zealand are on-side, Greenpeace, and the World Wildlife Fund urge compromise but other wildlife groups are freaking, the EU wants the ban to continue (except for Sweden and Denmark) and blubber-bursting bastards Japan, Iceland and Norway are prairie dog’s Dick Nations Of The Day. I think whaling ships should be seized and sunk after their crews arrested. But that’s just me. Follow the damn ban and we’ll talk in a decade, you rotten punks.

6 BREAKING NEWS Beatty says SCN  has been sold. Better privatized than dead I guess. He’ll have another post up soon.

And also! Summer!