6 in the Morning1 BOB RAE SAYS ‘TAIN’T GONNA HAPPEN A Liberal-NDP merger, that is  (CBC). Although the Liberals did register the domain liberaldemocrats.ca in 2008 (The Hill Times). But they might’ve done that just to make sure no emerging political party snagged “Liberal”. Who knows not me. I say a unified party (which would be centre-at-best, NOT centre left, jeez media pinheads stop redefining political terms rightward) would be terrible for Canada. A Liberal-NDP coalition, on the other hand, would be all kinds of great by me. So would a Liberal minority with the NDP and Bloc blackmailing Liberals into enacting policies that would benefit these “working families” politicians like to pretend they give a shit about. Bottom line though: democracy in Canada is a joke without proportional representation. The way it is now, if you don’t vote for the winning candidate in your riding your vote got thrown in the garbage. Right, that’s enough, rant ends.

2 DID HE SAY “APPROVAL”? Regina’s mayor hinted that approval of a downtown stadium is coming in the fall. (Leader-Post)

3 GRADUATION CHEER First Nations University Of Canada celebrates their latest–not, thank god, last–commencement ceremony. (CBC)

4 ETHICS CLASH Look out! Independent ex-Tory MP Helena Guergis will be inquiried-until-dead by Canada’s Ethics commissioner Mary Dawson. (Globe And Mail)

5 MEANWHILE IN THE WORLD The UN security council approves sanctions against Iran (Guardian) which should really help shore up support for the turtlenecked asshole running that nation. Spiffy. I really like the emerging generation of Iranians but Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the rest of their election-stealing, citizen-murdering government sure blows massive chunks.

6 PHOTOS FROM THIS YEAR’S MEETING OF THE SECRET WORLD GOVERNMENT I’m no conspiracy nut but come on, let’s just call it for what it obviously is. (The Guardian) And no, dipshit teabaggers, religious psychos and/or huckster twerps, these are not antichrist socialists (antichristidentity.com) — they’re just your garden variety, mega-powerful and wealthy illuminati cocks (Guardian again). Oh, plus British Columbia Premier Gordon Campbell… uhhh, what??? (The Tyee)

Finally, because I’ve been too angry lately: A very funny, vulgar and NSFW video about the fight to overturn California’s anti-gay marriage Proposition 8. Enjoy.