In sports, football and hockey teams representing Regina and Calgary travel back and forth between those two cities to play each other all the time. In the arts, that sort of interaction is much less common. But in May, a group of dancers from Regina did travel to Calgary to perform. Now Regina-based New Dance Horizon’s is returning the favour, hosting  Calgary dance artists/choreographers Alison Bryan and Hilary Maxwell.

Other than the pictures presented here (which feature Jennifer Jaspar dancing a work choreographed by Hilary Maxwell) I don’t really have too much info on what the evening will hold. But if you’re into contemporary dance, performances are being held at 2207 Harvey St. tomorrow night and June 4 at 8 p.m. Tix are $15. For more info call 525-5393.

Also opening tomorrow at the University of Regina is the International conference Spaces of Violence, Sites of Resistence: Music, Media and Performance. It’s a joint project of several departments at the university including Media Production & Studies, Fine Arts, and Interactive Media and Performance Labs which is headed by professor Charity Marsh.

There’s a whole pile of presentations, performances and workshops. Probably the best way to get up to speed is to visit  Thematically, Spaces of Violence, Sites of Resistence focuses on the role music can play as a marker of individual, communal and cultural identity.

Some of the Saskatchewan artists who are participating include Little Miss Higgins, Def 3, Eekwol, La Raquette a Claquette and FadaDance. Some of the events are restricted to conference participants, while others are open to the public. For a taste, here’s video of Nokomis-based Little Miss Higgins performing “Me and My Gin” (YouTube)