Mosaic starts tonight. So if you’re interested in checking out different cultures from around the world, by all means do so.

An added attraction this year is that for the first time ever, Regina’s punk/hardcore community has a pavillion at Mosiac. I wasn’t privy to any of the deliberations that led to the decision to participate, but it does make a certain amount of sense. The community isn’t defined along ethnic lines like many Mosaic participants are. But there’s not much doubt that it constitutes a distinct culture in Regina.

If you drop by the Exchange tonight you’ll see what I mean. Beyond this concert headlined by Vancouver punk rockers The Rebel Spell with Montreal maniacs Derelic backing up and Inespy, Urindump and the Clusterfucks also storming the stage, I’m not sure what formal cultural displays will be held. Many pavillion attendees, presumably, will be costumed in traditional punk/hardcore garb. Expect to see tons of cool black hoodies, torn jeans, dyed and mohawked hair, piercings, Doc Martens, and for the girls in particular, leather jackets, cool band t-shirts, dark-coloured nail polish, and maybe the odd mini-skirt or set of cut-offs with fishnet stockings.  

At different points in the evening, there’ll likely be exhibitions of both solo and group dance.  The latter is particularly interesting, with people gathering in the middle of the dance floor and then semi-striding in a circle while simultaneously bumping into and pushing each other. The former, meanwhile, generally involves a lot of headbanging and fist-shaking with a bit of air guitar mixed in.

If you’re out for the night at Mosaic, my advice is to load up on food at other pavillions before you hit the Exchange because cuisine is generally not regarded as one of the punk/hardcore community’s strong suits. Drink, though, that’s another matter, especially if you’re into beer and diesel. And the music, as this video of the Rebel Spell performing “I See Fire”, demonstrates, is righteous.

For the non-Mosaic crowd, the Soul Sisters Benefit Dinner and Concert is on tonight at Bushwakker at 6 p.m. Proceeds go to supports for women in Regina. Following a meal, there’ll be performances by Black Drink Crier and Foxx Worthee. ($30.)