Here’s what the stretch of Victoria Park running along 12th Ave. looks like today. So yeah. As expected, we’ve lost a few trees. Ouch.

Here’s the link to the new downtown on the City’s website. You’ll need to use your imagination because this is a map, not an architectural rendering. But you can see the plaza that will be where those trees were.

And here’s the City’s web page on the plaza, which includes a Sims-style 3-D image of what the plaza will look like. There is also a conceptual “paintig”.

Next summer this plaza will be filled with farmer’s markets, benches, vendors, buskers and (if we’re lucky) street magicians, jugglers and annoying mimes.

Change sucks but I think those trees will have died for a good cause in the end. I think this plaza deal will make the block of Cornwall just north of the park a lot nicer, just by the proximity.

So yeah, I think this is okay (but poor trees!). What do you guys think?